The Lawn Club

The Lawn Club project consisted of the development of a new concept entertainment space driven by the ethos of sportsmanship, having a good time, and the desire to provide New York City with a premier leisure destination. The space centered around a series of indoor, private “courts” for lawn games – backyards for New York City apartment dwellers and tourists alike. These courts were designed to include adjacent seating, TV’s, as well as larger private “porches”. The 27,000 sf program also included an adjacent “clubhouse” with reception, bars, lounges and supporting kitchen areas.

Location: New York, NY
Year: 2021-2023
Size: 27,000 SF
Photography: Endorphin Partners

Project Team: Josh Heitler, Alex Korby, Nicole Elman, Claire Bainlardi, Katharine Vavilov, Freddie Sotelo, Evan Kotzen