Laguna Beach Residence

The challenge of the project was to upgrade and modernize the existing house and site while maximizing the potential of the incredible views. While limited to the existing height and footprint of the house, the design completely reconfigures the interior of small, disjointed rooms into a single, open entertaining space with a wide, horizontal window wall and new exterior patio and trellis.  The entire house is rethought into a continuous indoor/outdoor experience with sliding glass walls that allow for the seamless integration of interior functions with their exterior counterparts.  New materials and furnishings are deployed in a calm, neutral palette with hints of blues and greens that subtly connect to the tones of the natural views while not competing with them or the carefully curated artwork.

Location: Laguna Beach, CA
Year: 2021
Size: 2250 SF
Photography: Clark Duggar Photography
Landscape: Bridget Skinner Landscape Design Inc.


Project Team: Josh Heitler, Alex Korby, Marcello Pacheco, Elena English, Abdullah Al Maddan, Carol Zhang, Sonya Singha