The transformation of this 1950’s ranch style house began with a 900 SF master suite addition and a 500 SF man-cave addition over the existing garage. The house received a new Craftsman Style inspired facelift which included a large front porch with tapered columns and trellis, double gables with decorative brackets, new shiplap siding and decorative banding anchored with a stone veneer foundation. New gabled roofs were added to both of the homes entrances, new dormers were added to the rooflines and existing dormers were modified to an appropriate proportion for a Crafstman Style house. The interior work consisted of a new Master Bedroom, Master Closet, Master Bathroom and a relocated Laundry room brought up from the basement to the first floor, for convenience. New energy efficient windows with top grilles were installed through out. New walkways, a patio, and a new driveway provide easy access into and around the house.

Location: Westchester, NY
Year: 2017
Size: 3,900 sf
Photography: Clark Dugger Photography

Project Team: Josh Heitler, Doug Houstoun, Matthew Buyer, Lisa Waldie